Becky photo
Age 20
Height 175 cm
Bust 35B
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Dress 10
Nationality English
Languages English
Outcall Rate
1 Hour £99
Additional Hour £90
Overnight £1500
About Me

Hello there, my name is Becky and I would love to be your Busty Brunette at West Midlands escorts. Some say that dating brunettes is a special experience, and I would like to have a chance to show you exactly how special the experience can be. Our first date will be like a journey into the unknown, but don’t worry, because I will be there for you every step of the way. I am sure that you and I will enjoy travelling together.

To explore my personal landscape, you don’t need a drone. However, I do have several other exciting toys standing by just in case you are in a playful mood tonight. I can dig them out at any time, and you and I will find our own exciting games to play. You be surprised, I have certain sensitivities which need to be tickled, and I am sure that you have your own sensitive areas which I can explore. My life is full of pleasure, and I would like to introduce you to some of the pleasures which are close to my heart.

They are by no means small, and I love a man who knows how to treat my personal assets just right. But if you are not sure how to handle a big pair like mine, I guess that I am just going to have to teach you Tell me darling, would you like to be taught in small steps or would you prefer great big leaps? I will leave that up to you to decide. Not only are my obvious assets in the right places, but sneak a closer look, you will find that I have some hidden assets that you may just want to learn more about when we meet.

I am one of those girls at West Midlands escorts who do not believe in rushing things at all, and when you arrange a date with me, I would like you to bear that in mind. I don’t believe in rushing good things in life at all, do you? Taking it so is such a pleasure, and I believe it even extends the pleasure. I would certainly like to show you that I know how to make life a lot more pleasurable for you. Are you ready to let pleasure into your life? I hope that you are, and if you are, I promise you that I am the right girl for you. Meeting up with me is easy, and I would be happy to come around to your place when you feel in need of my company. However, I would urge you to make sure that I am your girl. So Call me whether you are looking for Dudley escorts, West Bromwich escorts or Coventry escorts.

You see, I may get a little bit over excited at times, but if you like to get over excited with me, I promise you that I am your girl. Now then, are you going to be a good boy for this Sexy Brunette at West Midlands escorts, and give me a call. I am right here waiting for you and ready to be yours at anytime.