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Top Reasons Not to Get Married

Dorridge is one of the most affluent parts of the West Midlands. It is one of the prettiest character villages in this part of the country. The per capita income is very high. Dorridge is one of those places in the West Midlands you are likely to find actors, celebs and top class footballers. It is not for everybody and even going out for a drink can cost a small fortune. 

When I was about leave cheap Dorridge escorts, I found myself, to my surprise, receiving several marriage proposals. Other members of my regular clientele was keen for me to become their mistress. Am I marriage material? Although I enjoy the company of men, I would not exactly say that I am the sort of girl who ever wants to get married. 

Since the early days of Dorridge escorts, I have done well for myself. I have managed to acquire two properties. One that I live in and the other that I rent out for extra income. Although I did not get a golden handshake when I left Dorridge escorts, you can say that I created my own personal retirement found. Unlike the other girls at cheap Dorridge escorts and other West midland outcall escorts, I had hung onto all of the nice gifts my clients had given me. One day, I will turn what I call my golden goose egg, into cash, but for now I am fine.

Dorridge Escorts And Financial Freedom

One of the main benefits of not getting married, is that you can continue to enjoy financial independence. I know that many of the girls at Dorridge escorts have not been as career minded as me. I guess I am a little bit different than other escorts in Dorridge. I have always planned ahead. Sure, there are risks to being financially single as I call it. In my day, I have weathered a few storms but always come out okay. 

Now that I have got a bit of money in my back pocket, I am going to treat myself to a nice break. It is going to be a long one. I may even jump on a cruise ship and see the world. I have saved up money in a special little fund that I call my dream fund. When I come back from my cruise, I plan to find a job and I may even go back to college part-time. 

Your Time Is Your Own

Another reason why I like to be on my own, because I can control what I do with my time. If I want to work, that is exactly what I would do. But, if I don’t feel like working, I would simply ditch my job and do whatever takes my fancy. That is one the things that you can’t do when you are married or in a permanent relationship with someone. I wonder how many girls and cheap Dorridge escorts think about that. 

You can also buy what you like. If you don’t fancy cooking, all you have to do is to pick up your handbag and go out for lunch. That is another thing that you would not be able to do if you were married. 

Has my cheap Dorridge escorts career made me into the person I am today? At first I thought so. But looking back, I realise that I was a very independent girl even before I joined Dorridge escorts. Maybe I have become more independent. But when I stop and think about it, I really can’t see myself ever getting married. I am simply one of those girls who want to enjoy life on my own terms. 

As they say in Cosmo, being single is now the new normal. 

What would I do if I met the right guy? Would I give up my singledom? The girls I used to work with at cheap Dorridge escorts say that I have never been in love. That is not true, but I guess that I have not let me heart ruled my head. A good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, I really do love to enjoy my life on my own terms. 

All I need now is a cottage in Wales to call my own. 

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