Dickens Heath escorts

The Daily Life Of A Bored Mistress In Dickens Heath

Where in the West Midlands will I find Dickens Heath? This is perhaps one of the most unusual names when it comes to the name of a town or a village. It does very much sound like the name of a person. However, it is not. Dickens Heath is a village located near Solihull in the West Midlands. It is a popular place for families, seniors and singles to live thanks to its excellent location and many local amenities. 

When one of my favorite gents asked me to leave cheap Dickens Heath escorts, I was not sure if I was doing the right thing or not. Up until, I had always enjoyed escorting. Giving it up was totally out of character for me. However, I was madly in love. Even though my friend was not offering to marry me, I felt that I wanted to be with him. 

So I left cheap Dickens Heath escorts to be with the man I loved but not to become his wife. Instead, I left to become his mistress. Many of the girls at Dickens Heath escorts dream of meeting a man who would like them to be their mistress or permanent Sugar Daddy. The idea had not really appealed to me, but at the same time, I desperately wanted to be with my man. My desire for this man was so strong that I did something that I had more or less sworn I would never do. 

Life After Dickens Heath escorts

What would life outside of Dickens Heath escorts turn out like? That was the one thing which I did not have a clue about. Of course, my man promised me the earth. I have to admit that he has delivered on everything that he promised me. Is it enough? There is one thing that I certainly miss and that is all of the rest of the girls at cheap Dickens Heath escorts. 

The problem is that I see far less of them than I used to do. Instead of hooking up with for nights out at the weekend, I often end up with the person I have started to refer to as “my man.” Although I still love, I have to say that I feel a bit trapped. I am not sure that I would make the same decision if I had my time over again if you know what I mean.

The Life Of A Mistress

I have my own flat. My gent is a local West Midlands property developer and he has property all over the place. I did manage to buy my own flat when I was working for cheap Dickens Heath escorts, but my love does not know about that. It is my safety net if someone was to go wrong in my relationship with him. I rent my flat out letting the rental income build up nicely in my own secret bank account. 

There are times when I feel a bit guilty letting my man pay for everything, but that was the deal we agreed. Is that what my life is all about – a deal? It does feel like that from time to time. Most days are the same. I start the day by having a light breakfast and then I go to the gym. He loves to take of all of the expenses. He has bought me a car and paid all of the expenses along with my credit card bills. 

I think that many girls who still work for West Midland escorts like

would love to have my lifestyle. Shopping all day, going to the gym and having lunch out sound pretty good to them. But as I have said to my Dickens Heath escorts friends, it does get boring after a while.

Would I go back to Dickens Heath escorts if everything went belly up? I guess that I would have to do it. But then again, perhaps I could come to some sort of financial arrangement with my lover. Am I planning ahead? It probably sounds heartless to you, but I am thinking about my own future. I doubt very much that my lover will ever leave his wife. Perhaps I will have to fight my corner one day and see what else I can get out of this relationship apart from a great body and a fantastic wardrobe. And oh, I would want to keep my cute little 4 wheel drive.