Chadwick End escorts talk about sexual fluidity

Chadwick End is a pretty cheap village located close to Solihull in the English county of Warwickshire. This was for a long time a very run down part of the West Midlands. But, thanks to investment by the government and businesses, the entire area of Solihull has come along way. Chadwick End has become a popular residential area and the modern village is home to families and professionals who work in the Solihull area.

How to Define Sexual Fluidity?

When I first heard about sexual fluidity, I have to admit that I wondered what it was all about? Have I figured it out? I am not sure that I have figured it out yet. Unlike my friends at cheap Chadwick End escorts, I am not sure that I have figured it out. All of this towing and throwing has made me wonder if we are making sex and sexuality too complicated. I am beginning to think that we are and I am not the only who is confused. If I feel confused, I can only begin to appreciate how confused kids are at the new things they have to learn at school. There is little wonder there has been numerous local protests.

Are you confused about fluid sexuality? Well, the gentlemen I have the pleasure of cheap dating at Chadwick End escorts certainly seem to be confused about what has become known as fluidity. Are you gay, lesbian or bisexual when you claim to be sexually fluid? That is what I like to know. I really don’t have a clue what it means to be sexually fluid.


Sexy Girls at Chadwick End Escorts

To be honest, I am not sure that I can be bothered about all of these different types of sexuality or fluidity. I would personally rather be known as thesexy heterosexual girl at cheap Chadwick End escorts. Sure, I kissed one of my colleagues at Chadwick End escorts once. I enjoyed it, but when I closed my eyes and imagined that I was kissing a man, it felt just as good as kissing a man. 

Would I want to kiss a girl again? I really could not be bothered one way or the other. Some girls I work with at cheap Chadwick Ends escorts say that they only like kissing other girls, but they don’t want it to go any further than that. Other girls I have worked with at the escort agency in Chadwick End, say that they would rather go to bed with girls than with men. That is something I could not imagine doing. Give me a man any time of the day or night and I will be a happy girl.

Are We Too Hung About Sexuality?

I have started to realise that we make too much of a big deal out of this entire sexual and gender fluidity debate. Why do we all have to become involved? Maybe it would be a better idea if we did not talk about it all. Instead, I am beginning to think that we should keep our sexual persuasions to ourselves. Sometimes I feel like I am not normal because I don’t have any different sexual feelings.

Perhaps I am boring and a bit set in my ways, but I liked it when men were men and women were women. I think that most of the men who enjoy the company of sexy girls at cheap Chadwick End escorts still enjoy the company of straight girls. Sure, there may be some men out there who are genuinely bisexual. However, I do think that both bisexuality and gender fluidity are both more fashion statements than anything else. 

If you would like to have some fun with genuine sexy girls who are not gender fluid, do give us girls at Chadwick End escorts a call. I am more than happy to take you out on a date and show you what it is like to enjoy the company of a sexy girl who likes nothing better to have genuine adult fun. I know how to make our date super exciting without having to turn to any kind of fluidity. Maybe you know what I am talking about…