Cannon Park escorts

Cannon Park is located in the West Midlands. It is very much a suburb to the city of Coventry. Thanks to its excellent transport links to the rest of the Coventry and Birmingham area, it is a popular place to live if you need to commute around this part of the West Midlands. Cannon Park is mainly a residential area, but some parts have been dedicated to business and commercial enterprises.

Working in London Vs West Midlands

Making the decision to move to West Midlands to work for a locally based cheap escort agency was not a big deal. One of the girls I worked with at a leading escorts agency in London came from the West Midlands area. On a couple of occasions, she had invited me back to the West Midlands, and eventually, I fell in love with this part of the UK. Life was not such as hustle and I liked that. Also, the locals seem to be very friendly. It is funny, but prior to visiting the West Midlands, I could not have imagined myself living outside of London.

When my friend left to move back home, I decided to leave London as well. I rented out my flat, and found somewhere to live. It was not long before I found a job with cheap Cannon Park escorts

Moving Out of London

Most escorts who work in London are rather addicted to living in London. Although I had grown up in London, I could really take it or leave it. During my visits to West Midlands, I had made some great friends and I really felt like I wanted to make it my home. My only worry was work but fortunately, I found a job with Cannon Park escorts very quickly.

Do I miss London? On occasion, I go back to do some shopping, but in general, I don’t miss London. It is much cheaper to live in the West Midlands and especially in the Cannon Park area. At the moment I am saving as much as I can from my earnings at cheap Cannon Park escorts, and I hope to buy a flat in the area.

Working for cheap Cannon Park Escorts

Working for Cannon Park escorts is a totally different working experience. The girls who for the escort agency in Cannon Park, West Midlands, are totally different from the girls I worked with in London. They come from all over the place, and the escort agency in Cannon Park has got some of the hottest and kinkiest exotic girls that I have ever met. If you like to date exotic escorts, you should check out Cannon Park escorts.

As the escort agency in Cannon Park is such a multicultural escort agency, there is not a lot of bitchiness. All of the girls that I have met so far really make an effort to get on with each other and I like that. When we go out together we truly have a good time. It is a bit like working with your best friends all of the time.

London Girls

When you work in London, you meet a lot of girls from countries like Poland and Hungary. They all seem to be desperate for cash and often come across as very pushy. I have to admit that I really don’t like that about them at all. The girls I work with now are much more helpful and we truly have fun together. It is great to have a good working atmosphere. London girls are often very bitchy and like to run you down to the clients.

That does nothing for me at all. I would much rather work somewhere with a good atmosphere. That is exactly what we have at Cannon Park escorts. I love it and there is no way that I would leave the escort agency in Cannon Park and move back to London. However, it would be nice to meet a guy in the area, because I honestly think that I would like to live and love in Cannon Park for the rest of my life.