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Bordesley Green is one of the larger inner city areas of Birmingham. It has a population of almost 34,000 residents and is located about two miles from the City of Center of Birmingham in the West Midlands. Bordesley Green has an ethnically mixed population and many of the local residents were born outside of the UK. 

What Your Lipstick Says About You

I am kind of passionate about lipstick and have during my time with cheap Bordesley Green I have built up rather a collection. When my favorite manufacturer brings out a new color, I am the first one at their beauty counter. I have made sure that I have signed up for all of the manufacturer’s email alerts so I know when they bring out a new lipstick colour.

What has made me so passionate about lipstick? I really don’t know but I have always loved the color and I hate wearing the same lipstick all of the time. My collection now consists of over one hundred lipsticks and it keeps growing all of the time. I am not sure what percentage of my wages at cheap Bordesley Green escorts I spend on lipstick, but it would be fair to say that it adds up to a tidy sum.

What you Need to Know About Lipstick

I am always telling the girls I work with at Bordesley escorts about new colors of lipstick. So many girls I have worked with at various escort agenciesdo not look after their lipstick at all. Most of them just throw them in a drawer and forget about them. If you look after a lipstick properly, it will last longer. 

When you buy a new lipstick, the way you store it really matters. I always store all of my lipsticks upright to make sure that that they don’t break. At the same time, I know that the temperature you store your lipstick at matters as well. Sure, I bring my lipstick into cheap Bordesley escorts, but I never throw a lipstick in my handbag. I store them in a special bag which is padded so that they are not subject to sudden shock. That can break the delicate lipstick, and you will be left with a lipstick you can’t use.

What Lipstick Colors Are Popular with Bordesley Escorts

Your lipstick speaks volume about you. I often tell the girls at Bordesley escorts that they should be careful with what colors they wear when it comes to choosing a lipstick for work. Red is a very popular color with all of the girls at the escort agency in Bordesley. There are many different shades of red but bright red seems to be the most popular color. You have to be careful if red is your favorite color. The wrong kind of red may tell a gent that you are a bit of slut.

Lipsticks in different shades of purple will tell a gent that you are a sophisticated confident lady. That is the color which I prefer to wear most of the time at Bordesley escorts. What I love about purple colors is that they look great during the daytime as well as at night. If you are going out on a dinner date, it is the perfect color to wear.

What about pink lipsticks? Wearing a pink lipstick will signal to a gent that you are a bit of a girlie girl as I like to say. Most of the younger girls at cheap Bordesley escorts like to wear pink colored lipstick. When you are young, they can look really great and I know many girls who are really hooked on pink shades.

How to meet Hot Lips at Bordesley Escorts

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