Blossomfield escorts, – is it normal for men to fall asleep after sex

Blossomfield near Birmingham in the West Midlands has grown so quickly that it has become a suburb of Solihull.  It is famous for its well-appointed educational and sporting facilities. An increasing amount of Birmingham based business have started to relocate outside the immediate Birmingham city centre and a popular choice is modern day Blossomfield with its excellent road links to the rest of the West Midlands. 

Do Men Fall Asleep Easier Than Women?

Men seem to have an easier time than women falling asleep. Most men I know can fall asleep almost anywhere and at any time. As we all know at Blossomfield escorts, men do fall asleep after sex. It has to do with their hormones and after a while you get kind of used to it. Women normally would like to have a cuddle after sex, and when a man turns over on his side and falls asleep, most women become kind of annoyed. Why is this? It happens because men have more testosterone than women do. This is the sex hormone which helps men to fall asleep.

What do women feel like after sex? Most of the girls at Blossomfield escorts would probably tell you the same thing. They like to have a cuddle after sex. Did you know that most women feel that they have had an energy boost once they have enjoyed sex? It is true – we really do feel like we are full of energy and need to go off an do something. Perhaps this is why so many girls at Blossomfield escorts can be found doing the ironing late at night.

Blossomfield Escorts on Male Sleeping Patterns

Men seem to have totally different sleeping patterns than women. How often do you find that the man in your life falls asleep after having had Sunday dinner.? I think that women up and done the country complain about their men falling asleep after dinner on a Sunday. You are left to clear up after dinner and do the dishes while he takes a snooze on the sofa. Is that fair? No, it is not fair, but food has very much the same effect on a man as sex. It triggers the same hormonal reaction. All of a sudden the man of your dreams in asleep.

When I come home from working the late shift at Blossomfield escorts, I often find my man asleep on the sofa. He seems to love that late snooze. As a matter of fact, I often have to wake him up to go to bed. Well, at least I get a chance to chill out a little bit after I have finished my shift at Blossomfield escorts. I take a bath, put my body lotion on and slip into something sexy. After that, I normally wake him up and ask him to come to bed with me. I keep wondering how many women across the UK find themselves in the same situation every night.

How to Keep Your Man Awake?

Is there some secret trick to keeping your man awake? I have been wondering if there is some secret trick to keeping your man awake since I joined Blossomfield escorts. Like all other girls at the escort agency in Blossomfield, I have tried various tricks. The first trick I tried was to resort to music. I thought that if I had music playing in the background, my man would be less likely to fall asleep. Did it work? No, it did not really. If a man can fall asleep with the TV blaring out loud, he can fall asleep with music on.

How about leaving a coffee pot on? That is another trick I have tried both at home and at Blossomfield escorts. Once again it did not seem to have any effect on any men that I have met at all. You may want to try it yourself, but I have even discovered men don’t wake up when you put a cup of coffee underneath their nose. Women are totally different. They do actually wake up once they can smell coffee. 

In other words, I have not figured out how you can keep a man awake when he is sleepy. It does not matter where he is, he will simply fall asleep no matter where he is. 

If you have figured out how to keep a man awake, why don’t you share it with us girls at Blossomfield escorts. We will share it with the rest of the world and set up a list of top ten tips on what you can do to keep your man awake. In general, I think it is better to let a sleepy man fall asleep. Otherwise, he will end up with like a grumpy bear at the end of the day. Do you really want that? I am pretty sure that you would not want that at all. Like the other girls at Blossomfield escorts, I would rather be around a man who is happy than a grumpy bear man.