Bishopsgate escorts talk penis sizes

Bishopsgate is located on the Coventry Canal. It used to be a village in is own right, but today it can be said that Bishopsgate is a suburb to Coventry. It is an area which many people choose to work and live in. Recently it has become one of the most affluent residential areas in the West Midlands, and a recent string of new cheap developments have attracted many residents to the area. 

Penis Size vs. Wallet Size

What matters most to us girls– penis size or wallet size? It may sound awful, but I think that most women these days worry more about wallet size than penis size. I am sure you appreciate that I spend a lot of time talking to men at cheap Bishopsgate Green escorts, and many of them seem convinced that women are more interested in a man’s wallet size these days. 

Putting both hands on my heart, I can say that this is true. Women have certainly changed their attitude towards dating and relationships. Today, most women are keen to find a man who earns more than them and can support their lifestyle desires. Personally, I blame TV shows like Essex Wives. That kind of TV show gives you an unrealistic picture of life and puts a man back in his traditional role as the top earner and provider. 

Bishopsgate Green Escorts on Wallet Size

If you were to ask the girls at cheap Bishopsgate Green services, I think the majority of the girls would tell you that they do try to find out how much a man earns. Many girls I know in Bishopsgate Green and outside of the agency, do want to know a man’s financial details. Dating online and using cheap online dating agencies have become the thing to do in recent years. I often wonder if this is the way many women use to find out information about their partner before they take the relationship further.

Is it right? I don’t think it is and I have met men at cheap Bishopsgate Green escorts who have been really hurt by this kind of behaviour.  Some women are real steel magnolias and they want to make sure they get everything they want out of life. Out attitude to love and sex has become kind of clinical. The size of a man’s wallet matters more than anything else it seems.

Independent Modern Women

A lot of this is down to independent modern women. Many girls at Bishopsgate Green earn as much some of the businessmen they date. I guess they want to make sure their partners will want to have the same kind of lifestyle as they already have. The truth is that women are not as happy to get involved as they used to be. A lot of that has to do with increased earnings capacity for women.

How do I feel about things? There are days when I think that I am one of the few girls at cheap Bishopsgate Green services who still believe in love. I would never leave the escort agency to hook up with some guy just because he has money. Maybe that is why I am not in a relationship. The only reason I would get involved with a man is if I liked him. Would I care about his penis size or his wallet size? It is just a number like they say. 

How do you feel? Should we care more about money than we do a person? I really don’t think that we should. But if you spoke to other women, you may find that they would tell you something different. I know that our hard-nosed attitude toward life has broken many hearts. They turn up every week at cheap Bishopsgate Green escorts looking for comfort, and I am more than happy to show them some genuine love and affection.