Bickenhill Escorts – love is in the air for Bickenhill escorts 

If you have ever flown into Birmingham airport you will probably have heard of Bickenhill.  The airport is located within the boundaries of the village, and this is perhaps what makes Bickenhill one of the most affluent villages in the West Midlands. The local residents of Bickenhill work either at the airport or at the NEC National Exhibition center. 

How to Get Fit for Christmas with Bickenhill Escorts

Would you like to get fit and slim to slip into that cheaky cheap little red dress this Christmas? Most of us girls at cheap Bickenhill escorts hope there is some love in the air for us this Christmas. Not that many of us Bickenhill escorts in the West Midlands are after long-term relationships, but we would like a kiss or two under the mistletoe. When you work long hours at an escort agency, it is not always so easy to stay super fit. Okay, most of the gents I date do like a few curves, but looking extra fit for Christmas gives me extra confidence.

I always go out and buy myself a couple of cheap special dresses for Christmas. Most of the time they are red and to make sure that I look good in them, I go on what I call my Christmas Red Dress Diet. It is my own little diet which I have put together myself, but I have shared it with the other girls at cheap Bickenhill escorts.

How to Diet Like a cheap Bickenhill Escort

The most important meal of the day is still breakfast, so I try to eat a healthy breakfast which keeps me full for a long time. My breakfast starts with a healthy bowl of fruit, I then move on to porridge with almond milk, and finish with some water. I never allow myself to have fruit juice or coffee at breakfast. There is a good reason for that. If you have coffee or fruit juice, you will find that your digestive system does not function so well. Lots of the girls at Bickenhill escorts have tried the diet and it does work. The breakfast meal is the most important part of the diet.

Do I have lunch? Well, I do need some fuel to keep my body going during the day, but I don’t eat a lot of bread. At least I don’t eat white bread and since I have stopped eating white bread, I do notice that I am a lot healthier. Instead of white bread, I have one slice of full corn bread with some healthy tuna or other cold water fish topping. Adding cold water fish to your diet is one of the best ways to lose stomach fat as all of the girls at Bickenhill escorts have discovered. 

The evening meal can be one of the most difficult times for cheap Bickenhill escorts. That is normally when you end up going out for a meal with a date. I do find it a challenge, and especially leading up to Christmas, and I make a serious effort to stay to on my diet plan. I only have a small starter and I never finish my main course. Eating slowly helps, and it looks like you eat more when you eat slowly. 

Other Tips for Fitting into Your Christmas Dress from Bickenhill Escorts

You need to stay active as well to get into that dress, and I always do extra aerobic exercise before Christmas. My favorite is sprinting. That means that I walk for two minutes and then I sprint for two minutes. It is officially known as pace training and is a great way to work off calories quickly. It can be hard to keep up, so I only focus on doing it for part of the year. 

The girls at cheap Bickenhill escorts have a lot of variations of the diet, but in general, it is a great diet when you would like to lose weight quickly and look good in that little red dress for the office or escort agency Christmas party. It is not hard to follow, and best of all, it is not one of those diets which are very expensive.