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Aston is a metropolitan area located in central Birmingham. It is home to about 33,961 residents, and is one of the most densely populated areas in the West Midlands and Birmingham area. As with so many other parts of modern-day Birmingham, it has a mixed population of migrants from all over the world. 

How To Avoid Getting Your Handbag Snatched

Crime is increasing everywhere and that goes for the West Midlands as well. A week ago, one of the girls at cheap Aston escorts had her handbag snatched after she had finished shopping in her local superstore. It happened in the car park, and it made us all at Aston escorts realise that you are not really safe anywhere where you go these days. Who would have thought that you could get your handbag snatched in your supermarket car park? Handbag snatching on the scale we are seeing now is something new, and it is important to know how to keep your handbag safe. 

How do Aston Escorts Keep Their Handbags Safe?

It is not always easy to know what to do for the best, but during my time with cheap Aston escorts, I have learned how to be more cautious when it comes to my handbag. I never bring a large handbag with when I go for a date on behalf of the escort agency in Aston. Sure, there are sometimes I need to bring some stuff with me, but I try to be as minimalistic as I possibly can. 

Another top tip is to make sure you don’t carry a designer handbag. One of the girls at Aston escorts has this thing about designer handbags and she always carries a designer handbag. It is one of the worst things you can do as potential handbag snatcher will think you have a lot of money. I do have designer handbags, but I don’t use them that much. For instance, if I am going on a holiday, I never take a designer handbag with me. I have heard too many other horror stories when it comes to girls losing designer handbags.

What to Do If You Do Have Your Handbag Snatched?

Remember that it is not worth risking your life for your cheap handbag. Instead of risking your life for your handbag, just let go of it. I know that you may have a lot of valuable things in your handbag, but ending up with an injury is not want you want to do. Even if someone tried to snatch my handbag, I would call the police, and like I have said to all of my friends here at Aston escorts, the first thing you should do is to contact the police. After you have done, call your bank to cancel all cards.

The only problem with that is that you may have lost your mobile phone. If that has happened, ask someone to use their mobile phone or find a store with a landline. I would also call the other girls at cheap Aston escorts as soon as possible so that they know there is a thief around the area that you are in.

Things Aston Escorts Never Carry in Their Handbags

There are some things you should not carry in your handbag. First of all, it is simply not worth carrying a lot of cash. I used to do that but now I put all the cash tips that I receive at Aston escorts in my home safely as soon as I can. Sure, sometimes I do get them out and go on a bit of a spending spree, but when I do that, I make sure that I am in a crowd of other girls from cheap Aston escorts.  I think that is the safest way.

Don’t carry any personal momentums or keepsakes that you don’t want  to lose. Personal items are often discarded when your handbag is snatched, and it would upset me a lot if I knew that my personal things had just been thrown away. Another top tip from Aston escorts is to only carry a small bag. Make a little list of essential when you go shopping for your next new handbag, and be sure that you buy a bag which looks as plain and cheap as possible.