Allesley Green escorts discuss the increase in knife crime in the area

Allesley Green in the West Midlands is located near Coventry, and is very much a modern suburb. Most of the housing stock in the area only dates back to the 1980’s. It was built to support factory and industrial areas of Coventry and Birmingham. With its appealing access to the roadnet work via the A45, it is a fantastic cheap location for commuters who depend on the UK motorway network for work. Property is still fairly reasonable priced in Allesley Green and you can easily pick up a family home due to the high property market activity. 

How to Stay When You Are on Your Shift with Allesley Green escorts

Knife crime is becoming a big problem right across the UK. We have seen more of it here in Allesley Green in the West  Midlands. Sadly it seem to be a lot of angry young men getting involved, and you have to ask what is going on in society today. It is not an easy issue to deal with, and I really do think that we need to see some fundamental changes. 

Of course, I worry a lot when I am on my shift with cheap Allesley Green escorts. It can be dangerous for young girls at the escort agency in Allesley Green. If you are new to escorting in the West Midlands, you certainly want to be more than careful. I am forever giving the other girls at Allesley Green escorts top tips on how to stay safe when they are on duty.

Top tips for cheap Escorts in the West Midlands

The first thing you don’t want to do when you are on a date on behalf of cheap Allesley escorts, is to carry a large handbags. They are much easier to snatch, and also you will find people will wonder what you have in them. I either carry a small handbag or just a purse in my coat. You may have a nice handbag in your wardrobe that you are itching to take show off, but you are better to leave that at home. Regular Marks and Spencer will have to do when  you are on a date.

Where you park your car is another thing to consider. I appreciate that all cheap Allesley escorts would like to be discreet, but at the same time, you need to think about your personal safety. Parking your car within sight of your call is the best thing. Let’s face it girls, most of the time we are out late at night, and you want to make sure you are safe from other problems as well..

If you have a driver, ask him to drop you off close to the address and call before you leave the date’s home. 

Glamorous cheap Allesley Escorts

I know that all of the girls at the escort agency in Allesley like to good for their dates. Designer and brand gear are worn by many of the girls at Allesley escorts services. Before you slip into that dress, or even purchase it, make sure that you have a coat to match. You need to have a coat that sort of covers up the way you look. 

How much cash should you carry around? You need to be careful with cash. When you date a lot on behalf of cheap Allesley escorts, you will find that your purse fills up quickly. Don’t walk around with a couple of days worth of cash and tips. Make sure that you put it somewhere safe and try to pay it into the agency as soon as possible. Keep the tips separate, and at the end of the evening, put them in your safe at home. That is the best way.

Needless to say, you need to be careful with jewelry as well. Don’t wear the best jewelry your fine gentlemen dates have gifted to you. 

Working for Allesley escorts can be a great deal of fun, but you do want to think about your own personal safety. What is the point to work for an escort agency in Allesley and have some serious fun, if you don’t make sure that you stay safe when you are on duty. This does not only go for Allesley escorts, I am sure that other girls can benefit from the same advice.