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Aldersley in the West Midlands is located near Wolverhampton. In recent years, it has become very much of a cheap residential area, but it still has active small high street which the almost 5,000 locals are very proud of. Sport is one of the main activities in Aldersley, and the area has a large range of sports clubs including a very active cycling club. Many of the local residents work in nearby Wolverhampton or the larger metropolitan area of Birmingham. It is a very wealthy area and is rumoured to have a high density of millionaires. 

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Before I joined Aldersley escorts, I used to have a Sugar Daddy. Yes, he did look after me and spoil me, but not in the same sort of way the millionaires I have met since have done. They seem to enjoy my company, and I really enjoy theirs as well.  Since I have been dating them, I have been really spoiled and even travelled abroad with some of the men I have met at the escort agency in Aldersley.

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What is Required of You?

To make the most out of your career with Aldersley escorts, there are some thing that YOU have to do. The first thing I did was to invest in a really nice wardrobe of clothes. Most of the stuff that you will need in the way of dress can be found locally in the West Midlands. When I realised I was going to have a good career with Aldersley escorts, I did go to London for a shop around. There are still some things that you can only get in London if you want the best.

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